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Herbs and Medicine

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common items in a natural medicine cabinet
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On August 20th, 2005 12:43 am (UTC), amberskyfire commented:
Common items in a natural medicine cabinet
My necessities:
TEA TREE OIL - topical antiseptic, dandruff, yeast infections, pimples, and fungal skin and nail infections.
LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL - topical antiseptic, blott a cloth with this and set it on a dish beside your bed to relieve headache or help you sleep.
WHITE VINEGAR - dab onto insect bites to stop itching, topical antiseptic, rinse for acne
WHITE WILLOW BARK - you should know that this is the same ingredient as aspirin, so you might as well just use that instead. Use only in extreme cases and not on a regular basis.
TYLENOL - not natural, but sometimes needed to bring fevers down in case of emergency
WITCHHAZEL - topical antiseptic, topical astringent, rinse for acne, mild antifungal
ZINC - take at first sign of cold or flu
PROPOLIS - strong natural antibiotic made by bees. DO NOT take if you are allergic to bees. Do not get on dishes as it will never come off. If possible, take in capsule form. Use for flu or other bacterial infections. Does not work for viral infections.
ECHINACEA - take once weekly to boost immune system. Take during cold and flu to speed recovery time.
EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL - mix with two drops tea tree to treat ear infections. Fill ear cavity with mix of 2 drops tea tree oil and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Lay head to the side or cover with cotton balls to keep oil from seeping out. Can also be used as a moisturizer for skin and hair and for the oil cleansing method.
MULLEIN - perfect for all lung ailments: asthma, bronchitis, smoking and pnumonia. Take after quitting smoking to clear out lungs. Take once to twice weekly to help with asthma. Take as directed for cold, flu, bronchitis, and pnumonia. Also a mild antibiotic. This stuff really is a miracle herb. I couldn't live without it!

Other treatments:
HONEY - use as a topical antiseptic
CASTOR OIL - used for skin cleansing and Oil Cleansing Method
GARLIC - reduces cholesterol, good for a healthy heart, eating it regularly prevents mosquitos from biting, improves circulation, help lose weight, yeast infections, cold and flu.
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